Between dogs and wolves

In the brinks between light and darkness, a collection of stories of landscapes that no longer exist, except in the memories of the elders and images of dreamlike landscapes imagined by infants get intertwined in an immersive voyage. Between dogs and wolves dwells in the twilight hours and its reduced luminosity in order to investigate visibility conditions and find ways of translating landscape experiences into the theatre room, somewhere between shadow theatre and a certain sensorial cinema.

Entre chien et loup, an old French idiomatic expression, stands for that moment of the day at its threshold with the night realm, the twilight hours, where the shadows advance and a dog becomes a wolf and a wolf becomes a dog in our very eyes and imaginations. Between the light of day that guides us and the mysteries that surround us in the darkness of the night, an iridescent empire seems to mediate two kingdoms, two apprehensions of the reality crossed.

In 1962, alerted by a friend about the deadly effects that the indiscriminate use of pesticides had caused in a bird sanctuary, the North-American journalist Rachel Carlson began to investigate the subject and to write what would become one of the most influential books of 20th century, Silent Spring. The book soon became a publishing success and provided the basis for a whole range of innovative environmental laws and movements. In it, the danger of a spring without birds, without insects, ushered the author to make public the harmful effects of pesticides and its uncontrolled use in the environment. Taken by this alert, the trilogy Gentleness of a Giant is born, marking my interest on how man sees nature through the invented idea of landscape.

The third episode of this trilogy, Between dogs and wolves, takes on the challenge of creating an immersive and experiential context, a sensitive platform where vanished landscapes blend into landscapes that have never seen existence and make both come to life in a contemporary shadow theatre.

With the idea of collecting landscapes, Between dogs and wolves takes the task of gathering the meeting of the memory of those who depart with the imagination of those who arrive, in a synesthetic dive into the landscape experience of men and women at extreme points of their biographies. Between the beginning and the end, between the prologue and the epilogue, which world has welcomed us, which world do we leave for those coming next? Which worlds were our imaginations able to build? Which worlds do we abandon? Which testimonies fade with the mere disappearance of those who leave? With which world, shall innocence be faced what’s coming next?


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Materiais Diversos. October 1st-10th , 2018. Minde, Portugal.

Festival Verão Azul. October 22th-November 6th, 2018. Lagos and Loulé, Portugal.

Nave. January 21st – February 3rd, 2019. Public presentation: Feb 3rd. Santiago, Chile.

Sesc Avenida Paulista. February 5th-10th. Public presentation: Feb 9th. São Paulo, Brazil.

Espaço do Tempo. March 25th-31st, 2019. Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal.

Fábrica das Idéias/23 Milhas-Ílhavo. April 17th-May 3rd, 2019. Ílhavo, Portugal.



Artistic direction and conception  Gustavo Ciríaco (Br)

Performance and collaboration Daniel Pizamiglio (Br) and Julia Salem (Br)

Guest collaboration Gaeil Olsen (Ch) and Ignacio Aldunate (Ch)

Set design Sara Vieira Marques (Pt)

Light design Tomás Ribas (Br)

Costumes Sara Zita Correia (Pt)

Dramaturgical support Joana Levi (Br)

Production Direction | Portugal Jesse James – Anda&Fala

Production Direction | Brazil Carolina Goulart

Tour and financial administration Missanga Antunes/Efémera

Communication Direction António Pedro Lopes

Co-production Festival Verão Azul, 23 Milhas – Ílhavo (Pt), Atos de Fala (Br), Centro de Creación y Residencia – NAVE (Ch), SESC SP (Br)

Residencies Festival Verão Azul (Pt), Festival Materiais Diversos (Pt), NAVE (Ch), SESC Avenida Paulista, Espaço do Tempo (Pt), 23 Milhas-Ílhavo (Pt), SESC Avenida Paulista (Br)

Entre Cães e Lobos has been awarded the Iberian-American funds IBERESCENA for its co-production in 2019, with the aid of Fundação Nacional de Artes – FUNARTE and Ministério da Cidadania.

The project is supported by DgArtes – Direcção Geral das Artes (Portuguese Culture Ministry) in its international tour in 2018-19.



Ilustração à Vista. Fábrica das Idéias/23 Milhas-Ílhavo. May 3rd, 2019. Ílhavo, Portugal.

FIDCU – Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea de Uruguai. May 8-12, 2019. Montevideo, Uruguay.

Atos de Fala. May 2019. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Festival Verão Azul. October 26th, 2019. Lagos, Portugal.

Photos by Gustavo Ciríaco,  Joana Duarte, Vítor Barão and Isabel Ortiz.