Maria José de Figueiredo Ciríaco (Rio de Janeiro, 1939). Poet, troubadour, bus writer, educator, performer, Red Cross volunteer, renowned Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond and Araguaia Bishop’s penfriend, Maria José has a prolific artistic production where life meets art in a multiform, multi-voice poetics.  Dwelling beetwen a free concretist art, a talked and written poetry, her works visit a certain performance, drawing and its theory, oral poems, children songs and even photography and conceptual recreation. Her art, as she defines it herself is DETER-GENTE (holding-people).

Maria & José, the Queen of the Good-Echoes, is a visiting card collection of her first individual to be realized in Rio de Janeiro.

Video link HERE.

Curating frame : Gustavo Ciríaco

Production and management : ARsx Produções Artísticas


Gustavo Ciríaco