W h e r e   t h e   h o r i z o n   m o v e s

A landscape gathers men and women, city and nature, history and phantasmagoria. It possesses at the same time something unnamable, sublime and something rather ordinary, fleeting at its apprehension, though generator of endless narratives, biographies and fables.

In the old far western movies, there was often this moment, when something emerged from nowhere, from far away. A reading moment of the  landscape,  where  distant elements became visible  as  they approached us,  little  by  little,  finally becoming Indians, the Seventh Cavalry Regiment  or  wild bisons. Evanescent figures blurred  by the distance and by light, they materialized as soon as our eyes were capable discerning the details, presences and realness. Nowadays, this dimension has been lost. No one arrives from afar.

Influenced by what we manage to see, how far our vision reaches and what comes before our very eyes, the landscape frames the world we see, the world we navigate through. Thinking landscape as a  shared fiction, Where the horizon moves charms the audience to experience the horizon as a playful panorama where  contemplation and imagination go  hand in hand with fable making and daily life sublime.

Through subtle transformations in the landscape Where the horizon moves rescues the poetic, yet ordinary aspect of the basic movement of coming towards a place. Here the spectators, as the watchmen of yesterday, struggle to define what they see in the horizon, these fleeting figures under the sun who become mankind, stories or facts.

Thought as a site specific project, in each city the project involves the participation of local volunteers and the selection of a viewing point for a horizon.

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Guimarães1 (work in progress)

Guimarães2 (work in progress)


Rio de Janeiro




TIME OUT Barcelona

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Touring history

Dias de Marvila, Teatro Maria Matos & Topias Urbanas. Lisbon, Portugal. September 22nd, 2017.

SESC Pompéia, São Paulo, Brazil. May 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st, 2017.

Aún (Still/Yet) – 44 Salón Nacional de Artistas, Pereira, Colombia. September 24th & 25th, 2016.

NAVE, Santiago, Chile. Residency Nov 1st-23rd, 2015. Presentations November 21st & 22rd, 2015.

Bienal SESC de Dança, Campinas, Brazil. Sept 24th & 25th, 2015.

Dos cares. Mercat de Flors, Barcelona, Spain. Residency March 2nd-12th, 2015. Presentations March 13th, 14th & 15th, 2015.

Circuito SESC das Artes, Tour through 10 cities in São Paulo State, Brazil. May 2014.

Cidade das Artes, Festival Panorama, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. October 2013.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, (as a workshop). Yorkshire, Uk. August 2013

Rio Occupation London,  London Festival 2012, hosted and presented at v22, London, UK. July 2012.

Maus Hábitos & Guimarães European Cultural Capital. Guimarães, Portugal. June 2012.



Where the horizon moves | Lisbon

Conception & direction Gustavo Ciríaco
Direction and dramaturgy assistance Guilherme Garrido
Local collaborators and performers  Carlos Manuel de Oliveira, Gui Garrido, Julia Salem, Manuel Esteves, Maurícia Neves e Renata Hardy
Production direction & Administration Jesse James – Anda&Fala

Acolhimento Topias Urbanas & Teatro Maria Matos


Where the horizon moves | Barcelona

Conception & direction Gustavo Ciríaco
Direction and dramaturgy assistance Priscila Maia
Guest collaborators and performers  Ana Trincão, Priscila Maia e Tiago Barbosa
Production direction Míriam Martin Ferrer
Administration Jesse James – Anda&Fala

Local performers Laura Gutiérrez Vázquez, Francisco Gutiérrez Vázquez, Julia Mar, Cirila Targhetta, Mònica Guillemat Rocamora, Alice Pernes, Edu Tabueña, Katerina Archontaki, Pau Rodríguez Espinal, Ewa Staniewicz, Meritxell Romanos Bayés, Miguel Murillo Rodríguez, Linda Uhr, Yaiza Ramos, Alejandro Flores Márquez, Montserrat Casals Ros, Jaume Viñas

Co-production Mercat de Flors


Where the horizon moves | Rio

Conception and direction  Gustavo Ciríaco

Performers Ignacio Aldunate, Isabel Martins, João Victor Cavalcante, Priscila Maia and Tiago Cadete

Participants Ana Carolina do Nascimento Pereira, Analu Salatino Sant’Anna, Anna-Luiza Clasper, Bruna Parente Arce, Carla Miranda Jordão de Almeida, Carolina Merlo, Clarice Rito Plotkowski, Danilo Cezar Nascimento Alexandre, Edson Alves, Gabriel Marques, Helena heizer Jullien, Jaqueliny Pereira da Silva, Leila Mara Laborne Vieira, Luana Lopes Pereira, Lucas Bueno, Luiza Cascon Nogueira, Luiza Rennó Loroza, Marco Antonio Casimiro de Souza, Maria Clara Pereira de Souza, Patricia Azevedo, Tais Almeida da Silva, Tarso Otavio Costa de Oliveira and Verena Maria Soares Than

Production direction Anna Ladeira

Production assistance Gabrielle Barbosa

Co-production Panorama Festival & Cidade das Artes

Realization Curto Circuito Produções

Photos Anna Ladeira, Gustavo Ciríaco, Priscila Maia and Tiago Cadete


Where the  horizon moves | Guimarães

Conception and direction  Gustavo Ciríaco

Musical advisor António Pedro Lopes

Produção musical Sandra Carneiro & Associação Saco Azul

Intern Laura

Participants Manuela Freitas, Bongo Lady, Alice Xavier, Emília Ribeiro, Luís Vieira, Aleksandra Rankovic, Milita Marinho, Filipe Lopes, Nelson Xizemen, Amélia, Cláudia, Maria Teresa V.P. Coimbra and Julia Kiessiger

Children Tina, Ângelo, Eduardo, Patrícia, Margarida, Francisca, João Pedro, Pedro, Lucas, Mariana, Carla, Cristiana, Cátia and Jéssica


ATL (special thanks to the educators  Cristina and Laura and to Ms Dr. Manuela), Junta da Polveira.


Where the horizon moves | London

Conception and direction Gustavo Ciríaco

General production Andrew Mitchelson

Production assistance  Becca Fuller

Apoio de assistência de produção Heather Brandenburg

London soundtrack Hutch Demouilpied

Local collaborators Irina Sukhikh, Owen Parry, Anais Lalange, Camila Fiori, Louise Mothersole, Stewart Mackenzie, Dean & Petal, Becca Fuller, Tiphaine Tailleux and Hutch Demouilpied

Rio Occupation collaborators

João Sanchez (visual artist), Dina Salem Levy  (set designer), Pedro Rivera (architect) and Andrea Capella (photographer and light designer)

Photos by:

Anna Ladeira

António Pedro Lopes

Ellie Kurtz

Gustavo Ciríaco

44 SNA/Aún