In an abandoned mall, a dance school lives on the fringes of Bahía Blanca, this harbor city at the southern end of the Pampas. From its access stairs we can see the empty, abandoned stores of an old shopping center, an inaccessible territory full of materials left to entropy, whose guesswork will feed the formative years of Ana Laura Lozza, this choreographer used to the materiality of things, the intersections of discourses and the choreography of everyday movements. from ant to bird (hormiga-pájaro) is an installation inspired by this experience of space lived by Argentine choreographer Ana Laura Lozza. In the cultural center gnration, the installation takes place in the external staircase of the building. The audience is invited to choose among odd sized objects and carry them up the stairs, looking for places to make them fit, whilst dialogue with other visitors and their objects. The stairs become a meeting point, where the visions of a bird and that of an ant oscillate between the zenith and the vertigo of the surrounding materialities.

from ant to bird is the 5th piece of the Collection Covered by the sky, a series of installations and performances centered on the relationships between landscape and art, experience and poetic discourse. The project is driven by curiosity to discuss how space and landscape experience intersect in the poetic signature of singular artists from Portugal, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, in the areas of music, dance, photography, sculpture, painting and performance.


Conception and artistic direction 
Gustavo Ciríaco

Guest artist
Ana Laura Lozza (Ar)

Artistic c0laboration
João Gonçalo Lopes – set design and architecture
Tomás Ribas – light design

Administration and financial management 
Missanga Antunes

República Portuguesa – Cultura | DgARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes

Devir-Capa / Faro, Pico do Refúgio / Rabo de Peixe, Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporâneas / Ribeira Grande, gnration / Braga


September 2, 3 & 4
Braga, Portugal

Photo Tomás Ribas, Gustavo Ciríaco, Hugo Sousa/gnration