Viagem redonda

A boat sails away towards the horizon and from that same horizon one day it returns. Round trip names a complete journey, forth and back, two halves of the same voyage. The travel has already started in another port. Here is the destination. Here is an eye that follows a coming forward. A man that comes in public to present himself. I am that man.

Viagem Redonda is a solo which condenses 20 years of a career, a pout pourri of moments and strategies which charms the audience to my universe as an artist.

Danzalborde, Teatro Duoc, October 2016, Valparaíso.

Modos de Existir, SESC Santo Amaro, June 2016, São Paulo.

Festival ArtDanthé 2015, March 2015, Paris.

Centre Bruxelles Wallonie, artistic residency, February 2015, Paris.

Festival Artdanthé (as an extract), part of the program of the Portuguese Collective Demi-Monde, Feb. 2014, Paris.

Festival Verão Azul – August 2013, Lagos/PT | Kokko 1721/Finland.

Visiting card – LIFT Festival & Battersea Arts Centre – Rio Occupation London.July 2012, London.



Conception and performance

Gustavo Ciríaco

Lighting Design

Gilles Gentner

Lighting design adaptation

Mauricio Shirakawa


Jesse James – Anda&Fala

Special thanks to :

António Pedro Lopes, Ana Ladeira, Demi-Monde, Kokko 1721, Hello Earth!, Battersea Arts Centre, People’s Palace



António Pedro Lopes

Gustavo Ciríaco

Manuel Vason