Come walk with me is a series of walks and actions designed by Gustavo Ciríaco to be experienced during the act of strolling. The project is built through an online workshop with volunteers who individually or in group conjured up each an idiosyncratic walk in the urban territory.

In October 2020, the first series were commissioned by FABRIC ARTS FESTIVAL in Fall River, Massachusetts.

Greetings from Fall River
A walk through old postcards of Fall River

Guided by Patti Rego from We Love Fall River 
Reminders of a trip, a moment, postcards for many years were the sole form of keeping the memory of a place. In this walk, the public is taken by Patti through the city center in a visit through the same spots portrayed by old postcards from Fall River and challenged to take part as figures in making new postcards on the very same locations.

See through my Voices, Smell Through my Eyes 
A sensorial deambulation through the nature along the Quequechan River Trail

Guided by Rhonda Fazio 
The Quequechan River Trail is considered a fresh breath of Nature in Fall River, cherished by locals as a place for leisure and drifting, as a vivid fauna and flora cohabit in its surrounding wetlands and textile industrial past. How far has one to go to be out of somewhere? How do our eyes and ears interact in the selection of the world we perceive? How much fiction there is in the landscape we experience? Using a varied set of perspectives, memories and histories,  Rhonda guides us through the landscape we see and the ground we step upon in a synesthetic and poetic deambulation.

As Water Falls 
Re-imagining, re-staging, re-enacting the waterfalls of Fall River

Guided by Corey Nuffer

In 1962, part of Fall River’s old city center was demolished to make way for Interstate 195 and the new Government Center. Yet, the city’s urban transformations go away back in its history, much before the sixties, to a time there were many waterfalls in the Quequechan River (‘water that falls, that leaps’ in Wampanoag language). How did these famous waterfalls that named the city of Fall River used to look like? With this curiosity in mind, this walk challenges the participants to imagine these long-gone waterfalls freely. Using any as many means as we might fancy – Corey Nuffer guides us through a playful path inhabited by games, dioramas, building structures, miniatures, graffiti and plenty of imagination.

Conception and artistic direction Gustavo Ciríaco

Collaboration and co-creation in Fall River Corey Nuffer, Patti Rego and Ronda Fazio

Streaming and postcard photos/Greetings from Fall River Kelsey Garcia

Production  Fabric Arts Festival

Coordination Gui Garrido


Fabric Arts Festival, Fall River, Massachusetts. October 17th, 2020.

Photos Corey Nuffer, Gustavo Ciríaco, Kelsey Garcia, Patti Rego, Rondha Fazio