Drifting  | Em Deriva

A Project by Gustavo Ciríaco (Br)  & António Pedro Lopes (Pt)

drift  (dr ft)

1. Walk slowly, aimlessly or casually

2. Move involuntarily into a certain situation or condition

3. Digress or stray to another subject

4. Slow movement from one place to another

Drifting is a collaboration proposition of performing artists António Pedro Lopes (Portugal) & Gustavo Ciríaco (Brazil). This contextual project takes the artists to different cities to map the streaming affections in these cities through different sorts of meeting. On a first stage, the meeting of their two stories on a dislocated context, then the meeting with each city as an urban landscape and finally the meeting with its inhabitants, the characters they find in the “derivation” that will feed all the creative process. Following an episodic logic, each city is a new chapter on a travelling exercise of bridging people and places.

Drifting departs from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, wherein a story describes a village where one sees lines of different colours connecting the inhabitants displaying their affective ties. A love tie in full red colour is described to go from one lover’s window to another lover far down the street.Friendships, family and working ties, but also relations of hatred, distance, platonism, empathy, inspiration, repulse or fear are made visible through these crossing lines. They shape an invisible network of affections, shared lives and stories across the physical spaces they inhabit in a city.



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– Urban Art festival Walk & Talk, Azores, Pt. June-July 2013.
– Modos de Existir Festival, at SESC Santo Amaro, São Paulo, Br. April 2013.
– Maus Hábitos, Porto, Pt. Februrary 2012. (workshop)
– Espaço Negócio, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon, Pt. January 2012.
– Clube COMO (residency) + presentations at Semanas de Dança, Centro Cultural SãoPaulo,
São Paulo, Br. May 2011.
– Emergent Creator in Residency Program, at Bamboo Curtain Studio, Zhuwei, Taipei, Tw. July 2010.
– Projeto Mesa-Palco, Casa França-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro,  May 2010.

Conception and creation : António Pedro Lopes & Gustavo Ciríaco

Residencies : Walk & Talk Festival, Azores,  Jun-Jul 2013; Espaço Negócio, Galeria Zé dos Bois, Lisbon, Jan 2012;  Clube COMO, SãoPaulo, Maio 2011; Emergent Creator in Residency Program, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei, Jul 2010.