Architecture hosts and gives perspective to what happens in its interior. Founded upon its material dimensions and on its live inhabitance by the people which dwell and cross it, architecture molds and render possible relationships and situations. Through the activation of the perception of gallery spaces and the exhibition patterns, a group of artists works in collaboration for the creation and experimentation of these spaces in dialogue with the works on display.

The project took part of  Veículo de Intimidade | Hoje, a series of dialogues and actions around the work of Ernesto de Sousa and his Poster Collection – Your Body is My Body, organized by Luísa Metello Seixas and Inês Castaño, at Museu Colecção Berardo, in Lisbon, in February 2016. In 2017, the project visited SESC Contemporary Art Collection in the participation of  6 artists from São Paulo , at Sesc Bom Retiro, May 2017.

For process and description of the actions at Berardo Museum (in Portuguese), please access HERE.

And for the Portuguese episode, please access HERE.


Direction and artistic conception Gustavo Ciríaco

Collaborators  Bruno Silva, Paula João, Rita Rebello Andrade, Sara Zita Correia, Sofia Murteira, Teresa Pinheiro and Vinícius Ladeira

Drawings Sofia Murtinho (drawing performance) and Paula João (drawings of instructions for the objects LOOK and SEE)

Performers Bruno Silva, Gustavo Ciríaco, Paula João e Sara Zita (VOLTA & RE-VOLTA); Rita Rebelo Andrade e Vinícius Ladeira (A LUTA CONTINUA); Sofia Murtinho (Desenhos)

Documentation Teresa Pinheiro and Anexo 237

Production (Museu Berardo) David Rato

Thanks to Isabel Alves, Filipa Alves de Sousa & Anexo237, Luísa Metelo Seixas & Inês Castaño and monitors of Museu Berardo


São Paulo

Direction and artistic conception Gustavo Ciríaco

Collaborators and participants Ana Assis, Allyson Amaral, Jonas Hory, Juliana Tarumoto, Luciano Favaro, Maitê Lacerda e Patrícia Faria.

Documentation Luciano Favaro

Thanks Juliano Azevedo and Kátia Kalendo

Museu Berardo, Exhibition Poster Collection of Ernesto de Sousa-February 19th and 20th, 2016, Lisbon.

SESC Bom Retiro, May and June, 2017, São Paulo.


Photos by Gustavo Ciríaco and Anexo 237.