From her childhood perception of the outside world through a glass door, to the challenges experienced in the public space, sometimes too large and hostile, passing by her experiences of its dissolution and transformation in the body of raves until the sensorial diving into the primordials of breathing and seeing, for the Brazilian choreographer Michelle Moura, landscape has been a gradual experience of conquering space, a space in continuous entropy. With this intricate way of seeing/perceiving landscape in mind, V a s t n e s s plays with the basic structure of diagonals present in staged dance in order to engender an intricate kinetic game, where approximations and distances, additions and subtractions, make meet, plane and experience, control and empathy.


V A S T N E S S  is part of  COVERED BY SKY a collection of installations and performances centered on the relationship between landscape and art  designed by the Brazilian choreographer Gustavo Ciríaco in collaboration with artists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Portugal and the UK. The project’s challenge is to invent ways of translating and re-installing landscape experiences lived by artists through installation and performative devices. The challenge, therefore, is the possibility of providing the general public with a privileged view of the fabrication of space by artists from different fields of art, from music to photography, from dance to visual arts.

Designed for indoor (halls, galleries) and outdoor (courtyards, parks or gardens) public spaces, the collection of interactive installations and performances invite the visitor to poetically re-enact milestones landscapes lived by artists.  


Michelle Moura (Curitiba, BR) is a choreographer and dancer. She has lived in Berlin since 2017 and continues to develop collaborations in Brazil. In minimal and detailed pieces she creates physical restrictions to explore psychological and physical changes. Her creations have been presented in international dance and performing arts festivals including Impulstanz (AU), Festival Panorama (BR), La Biennale di Venezia (IT). Overtongue (2020), BLINK mini unison intense lament (2015) and FOLE (2013) are her main pieces where the physical, affective and neurological capacities of the body are key points in her work. Mainly an author in her own right, Michelle also performs for other artists. As a dancer, she currently works with Lea Moro (CH), and has worked with Wilhelm Groener (DE), Vincent Dupont (FR), among others. Between 2010 and 2008, she studied at the Center National de la Danse Contemporaine d’Angers (FR) under the direction of Emmanuelle Huyhn and studied for a Masters at Das Choreography (2015-2013) in Amsterdam.

Video 1 – work in progress

Video 2  – work in progress

:: NEXT ::

Materiais Diversos.  Sep 29, 2024. Alcanena, Portugal.

Centro Cultural de Belém – CCB. June 22 and 23, 2024. Lisbon, Portugal.

SESC Vila Mariana. May 18 and 19, 2024. São Paulo, Brazil.

:: BEFORE ::

Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporanea de Uruguay – FIDCU. Dia 7 de Setembro, 2023.

Festival DDD & Museu de Serralves, Porto. May 23, 2022.  première.

Espaço do Tempo. Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal. March 29 – April 6. Residency.

Fundição Progresso & Museu de Arte Moderna. Residency  + public sharing. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Dec 20-22, 2021.

NAVE. Santiago, Chile. Residency + presentations. Dec 6-17, 2021.

Cia Instável e Museu Serralves. Residency. Porto, Portugal. May 10-14, 2021.

ZDB / Novo Negócio Lisbon & Prodança, Portugal. May 3-7, 2021.

Casa de Cultura de Ílhavo & Fábrica das ideias/23 Milhas. Residency. Ílhavo, Portugal. April 6-18, 2021.

ZDB / Novo Negócio Lisbon, Portugal. Residency. March 1-20, 2021.



conception & choreography Gustavo Ciríaco (Br/Pt)\

guest artist Michelle Moura

direction assistance Bibi Dória

performers – Porto  Alina Folini (Ar), Bartosz Ostrowski (Pl), Filipe Caldeira (Pt), Gabriela Dória (Br),  Giulia Romitelli (It),  Mário Martins Fonseca (Pt), Sara Zita Correia (Pt) and Tiago Barbosa (Pt), with the participation of  Alessandra Giacobbe(It), Alexa Papa(Ro), Bárbara Ramos(Pt), Eleanor Winkler (Pt), Inês Oliveira(Pt), Inês Pinheiro Torres(Pt), Katarina Llijasevic (Serbia), Lucia Nordhoff (De), María Poncela(Sp), Uatumã Azevedo (Br), from the programmes FAICC and FOCAR / Instável Centro Coreográfico

performers – Santiago Belén Alfaro (CL), Paz Marin (CL), Francisco Bagnara (CL), Luche Moreno (CL), Trude Flem (CL) y Joaquín Catalán (CL), Camila Peña (CL), Sara Lecaros(CL), Danya Jerez (CL), Macarena Alvarez (CL), Octavia Luz (CL) and Andrea Contreras

performers – Rio de Janeiro Bruno Levorin (Br), João Victor Cavalcanti (Br), Leo Nabuco (Br), Laura Samy (Br), Milena Codeço (Br), Priscila Maia (Br) and Rómulo Galvão (Br)

performers – Montevideo André Guido, Cecilia Placeres, Fac Mercadal, Facundo Trinidad, Florencia Zinno, Gabriel Sosa, Gianna Sabia, Guidaí Presno, Guillermina Gancio, Joaquín Nuñez, Maria Pintado, Paola Nargoli, Paola Pilatti Conde, Patricia Fry, Pilar Parada, Natalia Coirolo and Mariana Padrón

music  António Saraiva (original compositions), Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

costumes Raphael Fraga

production direction Sinara Suzin and Carol Gameiro (Portugal) and Priscila Maia (Brazil)

administration and financial management Missanga Antunes – Efémera Colecção (Pt), Priscila Maia – Dos Vôos (Br)

co-production Nave – Centro de Residência e Creación (Cl), Fundição Progresso (Br), Serralves- Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Pt)

partnership Instável – Centro Coreográfico, through the programmes FAICC and FOCAR

residency support ZDB / Novo Negócio (Lisbon), 23 Milhas (Ílhavo), Instável – Centro Coreográfico, Serralves- Museu de Arte Contemporânea (Porto), Nave (Santiago), MAM – Museu de Arte Moderna (Rio de Janeiro), Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo)

financial support República Portuguesa – Cultura | DgARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes

Covered by the Sky has counted with  IBERESCENA´s  2020-2021 Co-production Support | Apoio à Co-produção de Espetáculo 2020-2021



p h o t o g r a p h y  

André Delhaye, Felipe Pardo, Filipe Sardinha,  Mila Ercoli e Antonella Moltini