A long tradition unites choreography with the space where dance takes place. From the Court Ballets to the gardens of the Royal Palace of Versailles, during the time of Louis XIV, the King-Sun, that the choreographic mediates the living area and the ways of moving through space. 

In direct relation to the design of the floor patterns of the ballroom and in a more extended way to the designed strolls through the gardens, the floors were true dance maps. Social ball room dancing became then both a participatory and spectator activity.

No Fence No Walls is a series of choreographic maps  set in different supports to be experienced in pairs. A dance for two where choreography becomes a challenge, a company and an opportunity for meeting with the other.

For a teaser, click here.


Arquipélago – Centro de Artes Contemporáneas. Ribeira Grande, Açores. November 7-13, 2021.

PENHA SCO, December 13th, 2020. 11 a.m.

Residency at Espaço DESVIO, Lisbon – December 2020.

Conception and drawing Gustavo Ciríaco

Support Gui Garrido & Desvio

This project was commissioned by the (RE) Intergrarte program, promoted by Cooperativa Penhasco, Lisbon.

Photos and film Gui Garrido.